A photo sharing website from an individual with ambitions to travel and explore the world between working a full time job in the real world.

Anywhere In The World


From a young age I had always had ambitions to travel and explore as many different places, cultures and lifestyles. However also holding a job and maintaining a home life. Every year I make it my aim to visit as many new destinations as I can. After building up several photo albums of destinations I have visited over the years, I decided to create this site with the aim to share my experiences and give brief information on these destinations with the aim to inspire others and to continue to travel and share my experiences. 

To make the site easy to navigate I have categorised links into continents followed by individual counties with flags. Click on the flags to be taken to the albums of areas I have visited.

As this is a new project of mine i will be adding new pictures over the upcoming weeks as well as when i have visited a new destination. Pictures are my own with a few donated from my travel friends